Dear Friends and Collectors! The swedish postal services are fully operational and so far in the rest of the EU also. Most countrys outside EU to. We get daily updates regarding the post situation and will keep you updated if any changes occurs which at this point is highly unlikely. On demand we offer mail delivery to your door with Fedex shipping company. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to email to us at:

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Waffen-SS StandartenfĂĽhrer's Combat Tunic
Heer Police Officers M38 Overseas Cap
Leib Husar 2'nd Regiment EM/NCO's Field Cap
Heer Panzergrenadier Obergefreiter's M43 Tunic
Grossdeutschland Infantry Oberleutnant's Shoulder Boards
Feldherrnhalle Panzer Officer Aspirant Shoulder Strap's
SS Allach plate – Julfest 1942
Olympia Typewriter With SS Key
Leib Husar 2'nd Regiment Lance Pennant
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