Russia WWII Order of the Patriotic War 1'st class With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Patriotic War 1\'st class With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Patriotic War 1'st class With Research



Awarded posthumously to Private Devyatkin Vladimir Andreyevich
Born in 1904, Nationality Mordvin. Served in Red Army from 09.1941. Military rank, private in anti-aircraft artillery regiment of the 49th artillery anti-aircraft division with gun number 1274.


The Order of the Patriotic War Established by Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of May 20, 1942. The Order of the Patriotic War is awarded to individuals of the rank and file of the Red Army, Navy, NKVD troops and partisan detachments, who showed courage, stamina and courage in the battles for the Soviet Motherland, as well as military personnel who, through their actions, contributed to the success of the military operations of our trops. The badge of the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree is made of gold (14K) and silver 925. Gold content in the order of the first degree - 8.329 ± 0.379 g, silver - 16.754 ± 0.977 g. The total weight of the order of the first degree - 30g.


This is the "Type 2", screw mount. Variant, 2. The stamp "MONETNIY DVOR" is located on one line and the serial number is located at the 6 o’clock position it reads "146100". Gold jumpers in the central hole of the reverse are located at 12, 4 and 8 hours on the dial. The minimum known number is 136171, the maximum is 239144.


Short Description of his feat of arms or achievements:


"During a massive departure of the aviation group 19 FW-190 on February 21, 1945 near the city Chersk, reflecting the attack of 4 enemy aircrafts diving at the battery, Private Devyatkin died at his military post.
Neither the fragments of the bombs that fell 5 - 10 meters from the gun, nor the intense machine-gun fire did not force Private Devyatkin to leave his combat post. Combining excellent knowledge of his military affairs with military discipline, Private Devyatkin showed examples of courage and bravery in all previous battles.
January 12, 1945 near the village of Osinovka, while diving bombers of the Yu-87 dropped the bombs on the firing position trying to suppress the fire of the battery, private Devyatkin continued to carry out his duties. The gun crew, which included Private Devyatkin, passed the difficult test with honour, as a result of which one plane was shot down and the rest were scattered. On account of the gun crew of Private Devyatkin, there are 5 shot down enemy aircrafts.
Private Devyatkin was also rewarded with Medal of Honor".


High order made of pure Silver and Gold, this one also comes with full research from the Russian archives. Hard to find a better example!!





Russia WWII Order of the Patriotic War 1'st class With Research

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