Russian WWII M35 NKVD Officer's Visor Cap

Russian WWII M35 NKVD Officer\'s Visor Cap

Russian WWII M35 NKVD Officer's Visor Cap



This style of visor cap was Introduced by order of the People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR No. 176 of December 3, 1935.


The cap body is made of blue colored cloth with wine-red cap band. The visor is made of black colored Vulcan fiber. Black leather chin strap is attached with two brass buttons, one to each side which are pinned in place. The upper edge of the cap has rasberry-red colored piping made of wool, denoting service in a NKVD unit. To the front center of the Red colored cap band is a Red Star pinned in place. The star shows intact enamel works and is made of ferrous metal. The cap is lined with grey colored drill cloth and has a maker markers stamp in white ink. The stamp is hard to read because of the age and use. What we can make out of it is "Leningrad" and "1943". Which is the most important information.


The cap has its original war time visor sewn in Place with no signs of any previous visor. The red star and chin cord buttons appears to be the visors original ones. The cap is in good used condition with signs of age and use all over. No holes rips or mendings. Size is about 57.  


Highly sought after NKVD officer's cap!!


Russian WWII M35 NKVD Officer's Visor Cap