Animal Skin Greatcoat

Animal Skin Greatcoat

Animal Skin Greatcoat.


Full length Heavy natural off-White machine stitched multi-panel patchwork sheep skin construction greatcoat with White cotton cloth seam bind strips and a Sheep skin wool lay down collar.


All of the original front wooden dowel "buttons" remains. The greatcoat has two, slightly diagonally angled slash hip pockets with White cotton leather reinforcement strip edging. The greatcoat has a large, lay down, sheep skin collar. The greatcoat has no collar tabs as per regulations. The reverse of the collar an extended vertical button holed cotton twill closure tab and a corresponding button. 


The interior of the greatcoat including the sleeves are fully lined in mottled, natural white sheep’s wool. The greatcoat was cut large enough to fit over the standard service uniform and this example is large.


Little used example in very good condition!!



Animal Skin Greatcoat

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