Luftwaffe Leutnant's Rubberized Great Coat

Luftwaffe Leutnant\'s Rubberized Great Coat

Luftwaffe Leutnant's Rubberized Great Coat


The coat is constructed of blue-grey colored rubberized canvas. 6 x 2 blue-grey painted steel buttons to the front. There are loops and buttons for wear with slip on shoulder straps. To each shoulder is a pair of shoulder straps made of yellow cloth underlay with bright silver rusian braid for the rank of Leutnant. At each outer waist is a large flapped pocket.


Inside has 6 x 2 smaller black bakelite buttons. These buttons was used to for the Soldier to be able to add a lining for Cold weather conditions. The rear skirt is vented and can be buttoned up.


Coat is in good used condition, bit stained and dirty from wear. There is one small tear to the upper right arm. And the collar shows some minor wear damage. Inside, a few small strips of the seam covering fabric have become unglued.


Difficult to find!!


Luftwaffe Leutnant's Rubberized Great Coat

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