Heer EM's Pioneer's HBT Combat Tunic

Heer EM\'s Pioneer\'s HBT Combat Tunic

Heer EM's Pioneer's HBT Combat Tunic.


Five button front EM/NCO¬īs¬†mid-war style HBT tunic. Tunics is¬†made out of a dark green HBT cloth. Pockets with scalloped flaps and pleats. All buttons attached with S-rings except shoulder¬†strap buttons which are sewn in place. At collar tunic has 1935 pattern style collar tabs¬†for Pioneer branch of service machine sewn in Place. To the shoulders is slip-on shoulder¬†strap's piped in¬†black¬†rayon piping. At right chest tunic has a machine wowen¬†grey colored breast eagle on dark green backing, factory machine sewn in place. At the left breastpocket there are loops for¬†one award. To the left upper arm is a rank pip neatly¬†hand sewn in Place.


Both belt hook straps is cut, as so often seen in used tunics. On the fold up flap for protection of the S-rings there is a factory stamp in White ink. The stamp is hard to read. See Pictures!


Tunic shows much wear and is in good well used condition. There is a couple of stains both to the out side as well as the inside. The largest one is located to the back. The left collar tab have started to fray and the HBT is sunbleeched, this is a rather well used combat tunic, which for sure seen a lot of action!!


Nice Well worn Pioneer HBT Combat tunic, this has for sure seen some action!!!



Heer EM's Pioneer's HBT Combat Tunic

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