Heer Signal EM's Issue M35 Dress Tunic, Named And Unit Marked

Heer Signal EM\'s  Issue M35 Dress Tunic, Named And Unit Marked

Heer Signal EM's  Issue M35 Dress Tunic, Named And Unit Marked 


The M35 dress tunic was introduced for wear by all ranks on June 29TH 1935 as the walking out, parade and ceremonial dress. All personnel were issued two M35 dress tunics but manufacture was discontinued in early 1940. Regulations of March 21'st 1940 stated that the M35 dress tunics that were no longer suitable for dress wear were to be modified and reissued to personnel of the replacement and reserve units for every day wear.


Issue early field-grey wool/tricot blend construction M35 dress tunic with eight button front closure. Two metal hooks and eye at the forward neckline and a lay down blue/green badge cloth collar. Correct type of collar tabs and wide aluminum rank tresse to the collar. To each shoulder is sew-in shoulder boards made of early dark green cloth with signal yellow branch piping to the edges. Chain embroidered to each strap is the unit number "6". The straps was originally embroidered with unit number "46". The "4" has been removed, meaning this unit was either renamed (rather common) or this Soldier moved to regiment "6". The boards are attached with one shoulder board button which is marked "3", for third company. 

Early style flat wire, machine embroidered breast eagle neatly hand sewn to the upper right breast.  


Inside is fully lined with grey/red satin cloth. To the neck is a combined name and unit label hand sewn in place. It reads: "Hanssen 3 / N.46". Meaning Hanssen served in the third Company in Nachrichten unit 46. The inner left lapel has a black ink stamp with the same unit information. The tunic is also size and maker marked stamped.


The tunic is in good used condition with period sewn insignias. Signs of wear and use, especially to the lining as often seen with this type of parade/Walking-out tunics. The lining has a couple of un-done stitches. Nothing major at all and easy to fix but still Worth to mention.  


Nice to find with both name and unit!!


Heer Signal EM's Issue M35 Dress Tunic, Named And Unit Marked

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