DKIG Recipient Oblt.Ernst Document Grouping

DKIG Recipient Oblt.Ernst Document Grouping

DKIG Recipient Oblt.Ernst Document Grouping


Very interesting document grouping to DKIG recipient Oberleutnant The Ernst who saw service in Panzer Regiment 25 which was attached to the 7. Panzer Division. The division fought in France 1940 under the command of Erwin Rommel. During the french Campaign The Ernst held the rank of Leutnant and was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class. In 1941 the division participated in Operation Barbarossa. Ernst was awarded the woundbadge in black 1942. 1943 was he promoted to Oberleutnant and commander of the 1'st Company of panzer regiment 25. At this time the division had advanced to Charkow and the 21st of March Oberleutnant Ernst was awarded the German Cross in Gold. Five months later was he killed in action in the heavy battles around Charkow.


The grouping concists of following items: 


* Award document for the German Cross in Gold. Small regular issue type with minor fraying. Awarded to Oberleutnant Ernst, KpChef 1/Pz.Rgt.25 the 21'st of March 1943. Signed in  facsimile by Generalfeldmarschall Keitel.   


* Special issue award document for the Iron Cross 1'st class. Awarded to Leutnant Theodor Ernst, 3./Panzer-Regiment 25 the 29th of July 1940 and signed by a Haubtmann. (Rare document issued by Rommel as division commander)


* Award document for the Iron Cross 2nd class. Regular issue document, folded once. Abit stained and creased. Awarded to Leutnant Ernst, 3./.Panzer-Regiment 25 the 19th of May 1940 and is signed by at that time Generalmajor and division commander Ernst Rommel.


* Award dodument for the wound badge in black. Regular issue document. Awarded to Ernst the 16th of April 1942 and signed by a Stabsarzt.


* Xerox copy of Theo Ernst death card.


Superb document grouping, German Cross in Gold awarded panzer officer who served in the "Ghost" division. And the icing on the cake, Rommel signed award document!! 


DKIG Recipient Oblt.Ernst Document Grouping