Luftwaffe KG 4 Honor Goblet Recipients Flugbuch Grouping.

Luftwaffe KG 4 Honor Goblet Recipients Flugbuch Grouping.

Luftwaffe KG 4 Honor Goblet Recipients Flugbuch Grouping.


A document and flugbuch grouping to Luftwaffe Feldwebel Johann Gallach who saw service in KG 4 General Wever.

The flugbuch and his ausweis gives us alot of info regarding his wartime service, the flightbook was started 27th of December 1939, and along with his id-card tells us that his position was "on board flight mechanic" (bordmechaniker).

During November 1940 Feldwebel Gallach flies four missions in KG 27 and in April 1941 he flies Three missions in III 7/KG 40 as on board mechanic in a Ju 52, both these units probably transport units in those squadrons.

Feldwebel Gallach participates in the Eastern Front Campaign with Transportstaffel I.Fliegerkorps as a on board mechanic and during October 1941 he makes his 20 first "feindflug" in Russia and he also flies in Latvia, from airfields in Latvia where the unit was stationed. At the end of October 1941 he is back in KG 4 and flying He 111, stationed at Pleskau flying missions over Leningrad and the Ladoga Sea. And then he flies bombing missions against targets in Cholm, Demjansk, Markowo, Kronstadt and other places. This continues until February 1943 when his unit is thrown in against targets in Kursk and Orel, bombs and reconflights.

In March 1943 his unit in KG 4 is withdrawn to Lechfeld in Germany, to learn how to fly He 177 and this unit from KG 4 is rearranged to KG 100. In 1944 the unit is moved to Alborg, Denmark and the education on He 177 continues. Also at two times they make flights to the Sola airfield in Stavanger, Norway. 

The last entry in the flugbuch was made the seventh of September 1944. What we know about the unit in KG 100 who was stationed in Denmark is that the they got their wings clipped due to the lack of flightfuel, so they became a ground unit, this was around the years end 1944/1945. They got orders to destroy their Aircrafts and the personell was moved to various army units.

The total sum of Feldwebel Gallach´s "feindlfluge" as an onboard mechanic is 155. It earned him alot of awards and also the  Luftwaffe Honor Goblet.


Group consists of the following items.


- Flugbuch, black hard cover version with golden Lufwaffe eagle on the cover and the text "Flugbuch". A lot of entries from the war, dates from December 1939 to September 1944.


- Photo Ausweis (ID-card), issued to Luftwaffe Bordmechaniker Johann Gallach, enrolled in service 1.11.1934 in 8. I.R. 38, promoted to feldwebel 1.12.1941 and Oberweldwebel added in 1943. Issued 15.7.1941.


- Luftwaffe "Horst Wessel" Photo Album with 64 photos, some nice photos od the dam that the Dambusters blew up at the end of the war, a movie was made about it.


- 17 small loose Luftwaffe photos.


- Reichsportsabzeichen membership book with uniform photo and filled out, DRL in Bronze completed 11th of July 1939.


-Ahnenpass (ancestry/heritage booklet) filled out and stamped.


- Special Photoalbum called "Ein Tageslauf" from Geschawder Horst Wessel, loosely translated it means "a day goes by". 19 photos of the Life of the recruits in Geschwader Horst Wessel.


- A Large A4-size photo, taken in a POW-camp in 1946. Gallach and his comnrade are wearing M44 tunics. Very Nice photo.


- Photocopy of his POW-discharge paper.


- Twele different wartime documents for holidays, marriage leave, etc.


- Promotion sheet, dated 6.2.1954.


- Award documents from 1956 so called archivecopies of the documents for following awards: Sudetenland Meddal, Eastern Front Medal, 4 Years Long Service Award, War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords, Iron Cross 2nd class, Iron Cross 1st class, Frontflugspange for Kampfliegerin Bronze, Silver and Gold and Luftwaffe Honor Goblet document.


A Very Nice Luftwaffe Honor Goblet Flugbuch and Document Grouping!!!




Luftwaffe KG 4 Honor Goblet Recipients Flugbuch Grouping.

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