SS-Brigadef├╝hrer's Highest Quality Service Tunic

SS-Brigadef├╝hrer\'s Highest Quality Service Tunic

SS-Brigadef├╝hrer's Highest Quality Service Tunic


Highest quality private purchase tunic made of "stone grey" smooth doeskin cloth. Four Bright silver button front closure. The tunic has two pleated patch breast pockets and two pleated slash hip pockets. The left breast has original Award loops sewn for six awards. Above the same pocket is Award loops sewn for a long medal ribbon bar. The sleeves has deep fold back French cuffs. The upper left sleeve has an officerÔÇÖs hand embroidered in bullion / silver threads. The eagle is neatly hand stitched to the sleeve. 


The tunic comes with a highest quality pair of shoulder boards in interwoven silver/aluminum braid mounted on black wool bases. This type of boards was used by Allgemeine and SS-VT general's at the rank of Brigadef├╝hrer to SS-Oberstgruppenf├╝hrer. The lay down, open collar has dual hand embroidered collar tabs of the second pattern introuduced 1942. The collar tabs features three oak leaves in silver/aluminum wire threads. Both of the collar tabs are machine sewn to the collar and have a twisted silver/aluminum rank cord to the outside edges. To the upper right sleeve is a "Old Fighter's Chevron" neatly hand stitched in Place.


The interior of the tunic is fully lined in the highest quality silver/grey rayon which has a redish tone to it. Depending on light conditions the lining shifts in color from silver, grey or Red!. Sleeves is lined with pyjama striped brushed cotton. The lining has one inner pocket and opening for the dagger hanger to pass through. Dagger hanger with clip still in place. The left pocket has a tailors label neatly hand stitched in Place. It reads: "Valentin Stenger Frankfurt a/M". Inside the same pocket has a tailor and name label. Here we found "Valentin Stenger's" adress "Frankfurt a/m Friedens Str 3". The part where the former owners name was written has unfortunately been cut out.


The tunic is in very good still used condition. All insignias match perfectly in age, wear and use with a subtle age patina. The insignias also shows minor signs of real use with subtle wear to higlighted positions. There is a couple of hardly noticable moth runners under the right arm in the arm pit area. All buttons is period sewn and all maker marked by the same Company.


Utterly rare SS-Brigadef├╝hrer's tunic constructed from the finest materials by a superior tailor. Also highly researchable with the rare Award loop setup and insignia combination!!




SS-Brigadef├╝hrer's Highest Quality Service Tunic

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