SS NCO Degen with hanger and portapee

SS NCO Degen with hanger and portapee

SS NCO Degen with hanger and portapee.


This is a very worn NCo´s dagger with several areas of hard wear, it will be hard to describe all in Words, just have a carefull look at the pic as they will say it all! The hilt of this SS NCO Degen is a nickel-plated type and it retains very Little of its nickel finish. All of the hilt parts are in a matte state. The upper pommel cap has the raised SS runes and appears to have none of the factory darkening in the background. The "D" guard which flows nicely to the quillon with teardrop ending has no imperfections but is all matte lacking the finish. The ferrule is the style having the six upward pointing oak leaves separated by acorns. The ferrule is in matching condition to the rest of the sword. The grip is in Quite Good condition with just Little paintloss.


The scabbard is straight throughout. There are much original paint left, but it has become matt, also some betterings and some slight surface rust here and there. The upper scabbard fitting is nice but matte. More or less none of the original blackening is still intact within the wotan knot. This mount is in Good condition being retained by two domehead steel screws on the bottom loop of each side. The opart has the SS marking to the top


The blade of this fairly long example measures 84 cm. The blade is in OK condition, has a lot of runners and scratches, it also lost all it´s shine, it matches the rest of the sword. The blade is not makermarked. The leather washer is there but most certainly not the swords origonal.


With the sword comes a NCO´s portapee of the type which have been heavily debated if original or not, we leave it up to the buyer to judge if they Think it is authentic or not, as we fankly do not know.


Furthermore comes with the sword a nice black leather sword hanger which is SS marked, it looks all authentic and matching to the sword.


This one may not be in the best condition, but it is totally original and untouched, none have played with this one!




SS NCO Degen with hanger and portapee