SS Officers Sword with Portapee and Hanger, WKC

SS Officers Sword with Portapee and Hanger, WKC

SS Officers Sword with Portapee and Hanger, WKC.


This private purchase sword, which has been bought  through the Kleiderkass for a SS Officer which have not received a Honoursword. The sword is void of the SS runes and has a no Runic "Old style" portapee. It has been debated if these where SS Officer Candidate swords but in our opinion it was just a private purchase sword bought by Officers needing a sword and which had not been given a Hourdegen. As we understand there where two different swords available to buy from the SS Kleiderkasse of which one was cheaper, and we belive this was the sword which did not have any runes on them.


The pommel is a nickel silvered one and retaining good serrations that speak to no improper take-down. The “D” guard is in very good condition, with a patination throughout the nickel surface. It runs down through the crossguard and ends in a teardrop quillon. 


The upper ferrule is built into the “D” guard. The lower ferrule is a fine example, with the standard pattern of six standing oak leaves and acorns. These oak leaves show just a little bit of surface wear. 


The grip of the degen show wear but has no paintloss and no damage, it must rate in Very Good condition.


There is a fine SS portepee wrapped about the hilt. This portepee shows wear and some age as well as oxidation to it. There is no fraying or any problems just the oxidation problem. The strapping is the textured bullion style having twin black lines decorating the edges of both sides. The slide is a woven bullion wire and the stem below is the flatter type being slightly bulbous in the center areas.  


The scabbard is straight and has it´s original paint, there are many parts of scratches and paintloss, also some slight Surface wear. The lower scabbard mount is showing loss of Surface  crome and shows quiet a bit of Surface rust, nothing to bad though! The upper scabbard mount is in matching condition, features the standard Wotan's Knot assembly. The areas in the recesses of the knot retain most of the original darkening. This mount is retained by a pair of dome head screws, one on the bottom of each of the lower loops.


The blade of this degen is a good example with the usual scratches and runners. It measures 85 cm. There is the WKC marking one one side of the blade and the SS-Kulturzeichen mark on the other side.


This degen retains original leather blade washer. It shows age but is intact and firmly in place.


With degen also comes a original daggerhanger marked 1938 on backside, maker is a bit hard to read out. A very fine oone!


A very fine, sound private purchase SS Degen here with portapee and swordhanger in good condition.



SS Officers Sword with Portapee and Hanger, WKC