SS Transitional Dagger RZM 941/37/SS

SS Transitional Dagger RZM 941/37/SS

SS Transitional Dagger RZM 941/37/SS



This dagger exhibits transitional features being all early in its construction with a 1937 RZM issue blade, rare but nice to see!


Transitional period produced dagger with acid etched blade "Meine Ehre heisst Treue" motto and "SS 941/37/SS", "Eickhorn Solingen" maker mark. The tip comes to a sharp point. The blade shows black spots and there is a few marks from use. We also find the usual runners. Solid nickel crossguard fits the grip well. Signs of wear to the blackened wood handle and a few small chips where the handle meets the crossguard. Nickel/silver eagle with sharp details sits perfectly in the grip. The SS roundel with some surface wear also has a perfect fit.


The dent free scabbard is steel based and black period anodized. Nickel plated steel scabbard fittings. All four screws remain intact. The scabbard / crossguard fit is perfect. 


(many thanks to Emil. P for all the help with this one!) 


Decent and honest SS dagger, straight out of the woodwork here in Sweden!! 




SS Transitional Dagger RZM 941/37/SS

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