Russian War Booty Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger

Russian War Booty Luftwaffe Officer\'s Dagger

Russian War Booty Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger  



Luftwaffe second pattern officer’s dagger, measuring 42cm in length when inserted into the scabbard. The dagger features a 25.5 cm long magnetic metal blade, with a sharpened tip and unsharpened edges. The blade sites within a upper crossguard made of alloy. A metal band with raised oak leaves transitions into a handle constructed of knotted orange colored celluloid. The dagger completes with a silvered alloy pommel surrounded by raised oak leaves. The dagger is accompanied by its period original scabbard, constructed of pebbled magnetic metal. It features two integrated band which bears a length of raised oak leaves, with magnetic metal loop for the dagger hanger. 


The dagger has had the swastika removed and instead is the initials "MB" engraved. The pommels side has been polished down and a "Red Star" has been engraved to both sides. The reverse of the crossguard has also been alterned with cyrillic letters. With other words, a Russian war booty dagger which has been personalised by the new owner. The daggers grip is alittle bit loose, the blade shows some age patina. Besides that good condition.


Unique Russian war booty Luftwaffe officers dagger!!



Russian War Booty Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger

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