Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket

Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket

Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket


The Kriegsmarine utilized a wide variety of inflatable life jackets and vests which were essential equipment on all sea vessels. The life jackets and vests were not personal issued items but were considered part of a vessels stores equipment and were distributed to crew members as required.


Here we have a rubberized, yellow canvas construction pneumatic flotation life jacket with aluminium fittings. This nice exampel is very well marked with several different stamps. There is two different KM stamps with the national eagle. It is maker marked and year marked 1930. There is also a name written with a pen, "R.Rolmann". The Life jacket is in overall good condition, it is complete with all straps and fittings. Only thing missing is two stoppers. There is two bakelite stoppers in Place, one red, one green and two is missing.


Very nice and well preserved example!!


Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket

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