Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket

Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket

Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket


The Kriegsmarine utilized a wide variety of the assorted styles of life jackets and vests which were essential equipment on all sea vessels. The life jackets and vests were not personal issued items but were considered part of a vessels stores equipment and were distributed to crew members as required. Generally all models of the life jackets were constructed in bright yellow material for ease of visibility and generally the inflatable life jackets would retain their buoyancy for up to twenty-four hours. More advanced versions of the inflatable life jackets were equipped with a pressurized air canister for automatic inflation and a secondary manual inflation tube.


Here we have a rubberized yellow canvas construction pneumatic flotation life jacket with steel and alloy fittings. The vest features a semi-circular neck cut-out with "V" slash, a full front panel, a large semi-circular neck and shoulder panel and an opened back and sides. The front panel features two, large, vertically oval, air bladders while the neck and shoulder panel has a single, large air bladder. All three of the air bladders have a small, opened port with an inserted, molded, black bakelite stopper. The front, central, "V" slash has a vertically positioned rubber manual inflation tube also with a molded black bakelite stopper. The manual inflation tube is held in place by a horizontal canvas loop, which places the mouthpiece near the wearers mouth for ease of inflation. There is two sets of straps to the tright lower side of the jacket. This is straps for holding the air cannister in place. This example comes without the air cannister. Good used condition, complete with all straps, fittings and stoppers. There is a lot of stains from dirt and rust. Looks to have been used.  


Super nice and cool looking life jacket!


Kriegsmarine Inflatable Life Jacket

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