Wound Badge In Silver 1914-1918

Wound Badge In Silver 1914-1918

Wound Badge In Silver 1914-1918


The Wound Badge was established on March 3rd 1918 by Prussian King Wilhelm II to recognize the sacrifice of those wounded during WWI. The badge was instituted in three classes, black badge for one or two wounds, silver badge for three or four wounds and a gold badge for five or more wounds or loss of a limb or sight.


Die struck hollow backed steel construction badge with a silver paint wash. The reverse of the badge is a mirror image of the obverse. Reverse of the badge is complete with its original hinge and pin but the Catch is missing. Besides the broken / missing Catch is the badge in good used condition.


Restoration Project!!


Wound Badge In Silver 1914-1918

1 x Pistol Leather Holster