WWI German Hamburg Medal And Document Grouping

WWI German Hamburg Medal And Document Grouping

WWI German Hamburg Medal And Document Grouping


Super nice German, imperial hanseatic grouping. The grouping contains the following items:


* Hanseatic, Hamburg cross with ribbon. The cross is in Close to mint condition and comes with it's original presentation box. The box is made of water resistance White pressed paper. Insert in the case is missing.


* Award document for the hanseatic, Hamburg cross. Dated, 19, Juni 1916. The document is named to "Wilhelm Boysen". The document is folded several times but without binder holes and is in very good condition.


* Rare commemorative regimental clasp. The clasp has the prussian Crown to the top and two clasps the one to the top reads "GR.MeckleB.FüS.R.90" and the one below reads "2.HANSEAT.JNF.R.76". This is the regiments the Soldier served in. Under the two regimental clasps is a cypher pinned with a german "pickelhaube" with two crossed rifles. All mounted on a multi colored ribbon which is sewn over a hard pressed paper backing. The reverse is covered with red cloth. Hand sewn to the reverse is a safety pin as well as a very faint, black stamp.


Hard to find any of the items in this grouing, interesting research Project!!

Regimental Commemorative Cross


WWI German Hamburg Medal And Document Grouping