WW1 Prussian Infantry EM/NCO's M1910 Field Cap

WW1 Prussian Infantry EM/NCO\'s M1910 Field Cap

WW1 Prussian Infantry EM/NCO's M1910 Field Cap



Field grey rougher wool construction cap with Red colored wool piping to the top crown edge and a green/grey wool centerband. The front center of the cap has a stamped magnetic metal national tri-color cockade and White and black colored Prussian cockade. The interior of the cap is fully lined in white cotton. The lining is stamped with depot markings. Size is about 55-56. The red wool center band is covered by a canvas strap with size adjustment buckle. Sewn to this combat used cap for camouflage reason!      


The cap shows clear signs of age and use. There is a couple of tiny wear/moth holes to the cloth body. Inside, lining shows age/use yellow toning. The lower parts of the lining which was in Close Contact to the soldier's head shows darker stains from sweat and dirt. There is also a couple of old blood stains inside the cap.


One of the coolest looking WWI caps we ever had. The cap band cover strap and inside blood stains shows us this cap was used for a longer period of time by a true combat vet!!


WW1 Prussian Infantry EM/NCO's M1910 Field Cap

1 x German WWI Helmet Cover