Waffen SS "Hohenstaufen" NCO┬┤s classic U Boat leather ja

Waffen SS &quotHohenstaufen" NCO┬┤s classic U Boat leather ja

Waffen SS "Hohenstaufen" NCO┬┤s classic U Boat leather jacket and pants.


The black Classic U-boot jacket was commonly worn by Wagffen SS troops due to the extra protection it provided and there are many original Pictures of them worn. In our Pictures you see Michael Wittman and Karl Brommann among others wearing the same type of jacket.


The black leather jacket is still supple but show wear all over, it have gotten the Kriegsmarien buttons replaced to Heer/Waffen SS fieldgrey ones. Jacket have no direct damage on outside but leather have faded in color and there are wear to highlighted places, the jacket have for sure seen quite a bot of wear.


At shoulders we find second type Waffen SS Shoulderboards for a Unterscharf├╝hrer in the "Hohenstaufen" Panzer Division. Boards are piped in golden yellow rayon for Panzer Recon troops and it have mousegrey tresse which are open at the bottom as well as a set of "9" cyphers to each. All thet denotes rank of Unterscharf├╝hrer in Panzer Divison "Hohenstaufen". Boards show matching wear to the rest of the jacket.


Inside jacket is lined in grey cotton and have pyamastriped cloth in the arms, it show the same sign of wear on the inside as on the outside. No KM markings as we can find on the jacket.


With jacket comes a pair of matching pants. They are in matching condition to the jacket, show signs of quite a bit wear but no direct damage except a 2x 2 cm hole on the right lower ancle. Pants have a worn out makers label.


Nice matching set. One can natrurally never know when the set was converted to Heer/WSS buttons and when it got the slip on provisions as well as the shoulderboards, however it is a nice worn set which very well may have been worn by a SS Panzer Soldier!


Waffen SS "Hohenstaufen" NCO┬┤s classic U Boat leather ja

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