Heer/Waffen SS Mountain Trousers (Berghose)

Heer/Waffen SS Mountain Trousers (Berghose)

Heer/Waffen SS Mountain Trousers (Berghose).


The Mountain trousers issued only to the Gebirgsjäger were so well thought of that later in the war they became the model for a new design issued to all troops. Made of fieldgrey combat cloth these Berghose was designed for the Mountaintroopers special needs with a highwaist to ensure the that the top was Always covered by the tunic skirt, the wide cut legs allowed freedom of movement and where tapered to the ankle. There was a reinforcement panel covereing the seat, crotch and inner thigh against hard wear. The pockets all had buttoning flaps, of scalloped shape, to keep out the elements. This type of pants are today very rare to find!


Here we have a pair of medium worn Berghose made of fieldgrey combat cloth. It has napwear all over but specially at highlighted areas. All except two buttons as well as the metal buckles are the pants original ones. there are a very small fieldmending just under the fly, except that there are no hols, rips tears or any other damage, just honest weat.


Pants are partially lined in White ribbed cottoncloth with pocket bags of the same material, lining shows slight wear and has stainings to it. Pants are well marked with Maker, sizes and depot (RAD BAS) stampings. All in all the pants are hard to upgrade when it comes to a couple of worn ones.


These will be perfectly matching a worn tunic in a Mountaintroopers display!!


Heer/Waffen SS Mountain Trousers (Berghose)

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