Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket

Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket

Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket.


Electrically heated Luftwaffe flight jacket, however the electrics have been expertly removed. The jacket is produced in brown leather with five-button closure to the front. All buttons is blue/grey colored glass buttons. Underneath the collar is a strap and a loop. All zippers and snaps are present. The interior is fully lined. With the "storm-cuffs" still present inside the sleeves. The heat wiring is removed from the arms and is possible to see where the electrical connectors once were on the sleeves. Inside to each hip area is the original tie string still in Place.


The jacket is in good used condition. The leather is a bit brittle and dry at some places and the stiches has started to deteriorate in a couple of places. In our opinion this jacket would need some leather care treatment and possibly a couple of minor repairsall in all it is fully service-able though. Inside shows heavy stainings from period use. The lining is open in one of the arms (arm pit area, see Pictures). There is also two small mendings one to each arm, approx: 2cm tall which is hardly noticable.


Rare leather flight jacket, looks great on display but needs some care. Priced accordingly to condition!!


Luftwaffe Leather Flight Jacket

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