SS EM/NCO┬┤s Beltbuckle, "RZM 24"

SS EM/NCO┬┤s Beltbuckle, &quotRZM 24"

SS EM/NCO┬┤s Beltbuckle, "RZM 24".


Early solid nickel/silver construction box belt buckle. The buckle features a smooth outer field with high relief embossed central motif pattern consisting of an SS style national eagle with out-stretched wings clutching a wreath encompassing a static swastika. The swastika and wreath are in turn encompassed by a circular simulated twisted rope border with Gothic script motto, "Meine Ehre hei├čt Treue!", (My Honour is Loyalty!). The script is situated on a subtly textured background field and is encircled by the inner and the outer simulated twisted rope borders.


The reverse of the buckle is a mirror image of the obverse. The reverse is well marked with impressed " RZM 24"  for the maker "Overhoff& Cie L├╝denscheid". The brazed buckle catch, prong bar and prongs are all intact but the buckle have been partially denazifyed by being slightly grinded down, swatika is still partially visable.


This buckle is a very rare variant and still have a value even though the partial denazification.


SS EM/NCO┬┤s Beltbuckle, "RZM 24"

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