Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research


The Order of the Red Star was given to Red Army and Navy personnel for exceptional service in the cause of the defence of the Soviet Union in both war and peace. Also awarded for 15 years of service prior to the creation of the long service awards.
This variety(pjatka) was produced at the Moscow Mint in 1942-1943. The stigma is located slightly below the base of the upper ray of the star. The word "COIN" is rounded up in a circular arc (hollow). The minimum known number is 45211, the maximum is 292707.


This Red Star was awarded to captain engineer Shiniberov Pavel Jakovlevich. Born in 1897, Nationality  Russian and served in the Red Army from 07.1941 with the military rank of Captian at the Leningrad Front, 67th Army, as a Deputy Chief of Communications.


The Order is made of pure silver (the silver weight is about 30g) with a Deep Red enamel work. The maker mark is located above, and the serial number underneath the screw post. The serial number reads: 219410


This is what we find in the Russian military archives about this order:


"Captain engineer Shiniberov works in this position since August 1941 and, despite the fact that he himself is not a mailer, sufficiently mastered the postal service. Learning by himself, managed to organize special training for personnel of military postal stations and achieved good knowledge of special affairs and combat training.

He skillfully organized the exchange of postal correspondence in army units and provided timely delivery of mail and newspapers to the fighters. During the current year there were no cases of interruptions or delays in the delivery of letters and newspapers. Thanks to a good organization of control and timely audits, he did not commit abuses in cash operations and valuable items at military postal stations. The post office headed by him is considered as the best on the Leningrad front. 
Captain engineer Shiniberov was also rewarded with medal ‚ÄúFor the defense of Leningrad‚ÄĚ and other medals."


War time variant, rare "fish Eye" type in very good condition!!



Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research

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