Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research

Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research


The Order of the Red Star was given to Red Army and Navy personnel for exceptional service in the cause of the defence of the Soviet Union in both war and peace. Also awarded for 15 years of service prior to the creation of the long service awards.


Orders of the fourth variety was produced at the Moscow Mint(MMD). The minimum known number is 1649575, the maximum is 2807709. This Order is made of pure silver (the silver weight is about 30g) with a Deep Red enamel work. The maker mark is located above, and the serial number underneath the screw post. The serial number reads: 2777785


Awarded to Reconnaissance Platoon Commander Junior Lieutenant Orlov Mihail Aleksandrovich with Order of the Red Star for courage and bravery. Orlov was born in 1924, Russian
and served in the Red Army from 02.1942. At the military rank, Junior Lieutenant in Reconnaissance Platoon commanding 146th Rifle Regiment, 44th Rifle Division of the Volkhov Front(Leningrad).


This is the information we found in the Russian military archives:


"On September 8, 1942, in the reconnaissance by the Kirishi station, Comrade Orlov, at the head of his platoon, was the first to break into the enemy’s advanced trenches, detonate the dugout, and capture a machine gun and 6 guns. In this battle, Comrade Olov replaced the killed company commander. The enemy responded with a counterattack as a result of which the rifle company and reconnaissance platoon were surrounded. Within 5 days, leading the unit remnants, Comrade Orlov repelled five enemy counterattacks and as a result of the Red army’s offensive, the unit was released from encirclement."


Rather early made Red Star with a fascinating history to it. Hard to find a better example!!


Russia WWII Order of the Red Star With Research

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