U-124 1st Egenineer Korvättenkapitän Egon Subklew Mess jacket an

U-124 1st Egenineer Korvättenkapitän Egon Subklew Mess jacket an

Korvettenkapitän Mess Jacket And Dress Vest Named to Egon Subklew 1'st Egineer at the famous "Edelweiss" uboat U-124 


Named Mess jacket and vest to Egon Subklew who was 1'st engineer at the famous u-boat u-124. Subklew served at the capital ship "Königsberg" from 1939-1940. Later he served from Sep 1941 - Mar 1943 at U-124, a famous u boat with the following record: 46 ships sunk, total tonnage 219,862 GRT. 2 warships sunk, total tonnage 5,775 tons
and 4 ships damaged, total tonnage 30,067 GRT.

U-124 was sunk on 2 April 1943 in the North Atlantic west of Oporto, Portugal, in position 41.02N, 15.39W, by depth charges from the British corvette HMS Stonecrop and the British sloop HMS Black Swan. 53 dead (all hands lost). Egon Subklew had just left the crew for his new assignment, Marine school teacher. Egon Subklew served 250! combat Days at sea with U-124. Here is more information about the famous u-boat: https://uboat.net/boats/u124.htm  


Egon Subklew's mess jacket, made of high quality blue wool with two rows of four Kriegsmarine fire gilded buttons. Three rows of golden Bullion rank stripes with the top row added later (most likely at the latest stage of the war) and also engineering insignia made of gulden bullion to each sleeve. The right breast has a golden/Bullion officer's style Kriegsmarine breast eagle neatly hand sewn in Place. To the right breast pocket is loops sewn for one ribbon bar or Kriegsmarine combat badge with horizantal Place attachment Catch. Inside is lined with black colored silk. The right inside has a hidden pocket with a tailor's label hand sewn in Place. The label reads: "WILH. WITTE KIEL". The left inner pocket has a tailor and name label machine sewn in Place. It reads: "WILH. WITTE, KIEL SCHLOSSGARTEN 4".

Herr: And hand written in grey ink: "Ob. f (....?) Subklew"

Nr: 235

Dat. 15.2 37.


Included is also a highest quality dress vest made of marine dark-blue finest wool with four button front closure and size adjustment strap and clips located to the back. Inside is fully lined with White satin cloth. Both the vest and tunic is in very good condition with light signs of age and use.


It's getting very hard to find any named U-boat items. Even more so a named set from a crew member to one of the more famous U-boats!!


U-124 1st Egenineer Korvättenkapitän Egon Subklew Mess jacket an