Knightscross Reciptant Oberleutnant Viktor Thormählen´s Visor Ca

Knightscross Reciptant Oberleutnant Viktor Thormählen´s Visor Ca

Knightscross Reciptant Oberleutnant Viktor Thormählen´s Visor Cap.


Viktor Thormählen was born the 19th of October 1917 in Neuendorf. He was a squadron leader in Kavallerie-Regiment Nord which was formed the 23rd of May 1943 and was attached to Heeresgruppe Nord. The unit was active on the Eastern Front. Their main duty was recon in enemy territory but they were also inserted in antipartisan duty.


The squardron of Oberleutnant Thormählen had made camp near Nowgorod the 16th of January 1944. On the night of the same day the got an order to do an attack to clean up a street and they succeeded, took some prisoners and secured their positions. This was only a temporary success, because the Russians made a fiery counterstrike with a much larger force. Oberleutnant Thormählen was in leading the defense in the front of his men when the Russian mortars opened up and a grenade exploded next to Thormählen, he died instantly the 18th of January 1944.


Oberleutnant Thormählen was awarded the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross posthumously the 12th of March 1944. He had also received following awards: Iron Cross 1st class, Iron Cross 2nd class, Woundbadge, General Assault Badge and Eastern Front Medal.


Here we have Thormählens Visor Cap he was wearing at the in field at the time of his death, it was later sent home with his belongings.


The cap is a quality maker Peküro manufactured visorcap with foldable/crushable inside (White gauze). With the cap comes a copy photo of Thormählen when he is wearing a crusher cap (that cap exisit and is still in the consignors collection). As well as a copy of his RK preliminary document.


Cap is made of fieldgrey finest doeskin cloth with yellow piping denoting service in Cavalry Branch. At front cap have a Metal eagle on darkgreen backing handsewn in place and a Bullion wreath/cocade on darkgreen backing handsewn in place. Cap have a officers extra heavy silver/aluminium chinstrap at front as well.


Outside the cap show wear and have napwear all over but mainly to highlighted positions, edges and piping. It have one hole to the dark green capband above the left cap button as seen on the photos, the white gauze is then exposed through the hole. Cap is one which have been used quite a lot. It have a very nice apperance!


Inside the lining is made from golden yellow rayon cloth which is showing matching wear and staining to the outside. The cap the usual dirt and stainings seen in a used cap. The caps original sweatshield is there to 95 +% and one can clearly see the "Peküro" loggo on it. Cap have a typical Peküro sweatband which have no damage and is in matching condition as the rest of the cap, sweatband is marked 598 on the backside and have Thormählens initials attached to it "V T"

Size approx 58


It is not common finding a cap attributed to a RK träger and such a brave soldier as Thormählen!!


CONSIGNMENT ITEM, please read terms



Knightscross Reciptant Oberleutnant Viktor Thormählen´s Visor Ca

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