NSKK EM Service Tunic for Motorgruppe Hochland

NSKK EM Service Tunic for Motorgruppe Hochland

NSKK EM Service Tunic for Motorgruppe Hochland.


Issue Tunic made of olive brown wool.  Collar is made of dark brown colored badge cloth and have blank ranktabs to each side. Tunic is made to be worn with open collar and with buttoning tab under the collar. Tunic has two pleated breast patch pockets and two lower slash pockets, all pockets with scalloped pocket flaps. Tunic also have adjustable cuffs each with two small black bakelite buttons.


Insignias on tunic consist of as said above, two blank EM SS/NSKK collartabs, at shoulders there are sew in shoulder board in alternating black and silver/aluminum cored piping. Both shoulderboards have paper RZM tags glued under them. The shoulder board is mounted on a black wool base with light blue rayon piping. At right arm we find a flatwire NSKK eagle machinesewn in Place and at left arm we find a NSKK flatwire Diamond. Tunic only misses the Armband, so it would be really easy to complete it. The silver pebbled buttons are originally sewn to tunic.


Inside tunic has with partial light brown cotton lining with a buttonless bandage pocket which is still sewn in the closed position, also we find two inner belt hook support straps, the reverse of one belt hook support strap has a machine installed NSKK RZM tag, the numerals 48 in large font are stapped to the inner shoulder lining, the inner side wool has large stampings in white ink. Tunic is in more or less unissued condition with virtually no napwear at all.


This one would be Close to impossible to upgrade!



NSKK EM Service Tunic for Motorgruppe Hochland

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