Luftwaffe Fighter and Transport Pilot Leutnant Manfred Stechbart

Luftwaffe Fighter and Transport Pilot Leutnant Manfred Stechbart

Luftwaffe Fighter and Transport Pilot Leutnant Manfred Stechbarth Group.


Manfred Stechbarth spend most of the war in JG 27, first as a Transport pilot and later as a Fighter pilot the last part of the war. He has at least 1512 confirmed mission of which 16 seems to be as a fighter pilot. He was said to have two kills but only one is confirmed. He was credited with that one kill the 2´nd of March 1945, a Typhoon over Achmeer, he was himself shoot down later in that day and got wounded. Stechbarth went after the war on to be a pilot and Major in the Bundeswehr.  


The Group consist of the following items


- Stechbarths tailormade Fliegerbluse. Blouse is made of Luftwaffe fine ribbed  Officers cloth, four button front, two slash hidden lower pockets. At collar we find Officers silver/aluminium twisted cord sewn all around. Also at collar Leutnants bullion collartabs with one bullion gull to each, collartabs are machinesewn to the tunic. Sew in junior Officers guilt aluminium/silver top shoulder boards on golden yellow wool, denoting rank of Leutnant in flight branch. Officers bullion Luftwaffe eagle hand sewn to right chest. At left chest we find loops for Three awards and a push through mark for nother one (the woundbadge). At Place of second buttonhole we find a Iron Cross 2´nd class ribbon handsewn in Place. At lower left arm we find a nice Afrika cuff award hand sewn in Place.


Inside tunic is lined in the dark blue Italian Airforce captured HBT rayon cloth. Inside have two inner breast pockets. No tailorlabel and no namelabel. The tunic show chafewear on outside and have as well small stainings, inside is in matching worn condition and this tunic have for sure been worn during quite a long period. The tunic is pictured in two of the photos accompagning the Group. Tunic is a really nice combat worn one, and it really feels and smells combat.


- Stechbarths Luftwaffe Visorcap. Cap is made of Luftwaffe blue/grey finer combat cloth. Medium worn condition. Bullion cocade and eagle to front as well as officers heavy chin cord. Pipwd  in aluminum/silver thread. Late war pressed LW bill with simulated edging, bill is black on underside. Cap show napwear at highlighted positions.


Interior is made of grey rayon material showing matching medium wear to outside. Sweat shield is all there and the "Vekaufsabteilunf Der Luftwaffe" as well as the maker is clearly readable. Cap still have it´s original lightblue sweatband, on backside it have remnants of orange foam sponge sweatband is  in matching wear to the rest of the cap it have no damage. Nothing is written on backside of sweatband.


Size approx 57


- Stechbarths Luftwaffe Pilots badge with case of issue. The badge is made of zinc and is a two piece construction. The badge is in good condition with almost all of the original silver wash intact to the obverse of the oakleaf wreath. The badge comes with its original case of issue. The case is in good condition and shows some light chafe wear to the out side. The push button works perfect.


- Stechbarts Award document for the Pilots badge. Given to Unteroffizier Manfred Stechbarth. Dated Berlin 27 September 1940. Signed in original by a Generalmajor. Document is in A4 size, it have two binder holes and some small creazing and a couple very minor tears. Also folded once.


- Stechbarths Iron Cross First Class. Interesting cross, with a non ferrous core. The cross is in good condition and reatains almost all of the black paint to the core. Bottle shaped pin, hinge and catch still intact.


- Stechbarths Iron Cross Second Class, maker marked to the suspension ring "76" for "Ernst L. Müller, Pforzheim". The medal is in good condition and comes with it's original piece of rayon, cloth ribbon.


- Stechbarths Luftwaffe transport/glider clasp in bronze. Two piece zinc Construction badge, with broad tapering pin to the reverse. The badge retains most of it's original colors but the Swastika has been denazyfied.


- Stechbarths Wound badge in black 1939 pattern stamped metal construction. Complete with original hinge, pin and catch assembly.


-  Stechbarths Wound badge in black Award document. Document is given to Leutnant Manfred Stechbarth, 13./Jagdgeschwader 27, given the 2 of March 1945 and signed by a Oberleutant in original. A5 size document folded once.


- Stechbarths dagger portapee, aluminium/silver in mint condition.


- Stechbarths promotion document to Feldwebel, A4 sixe nice document, have binderholes and have been folded once.


- Eight photos of Stechbarth, first is a large size 18 x 13 cm portraitphoto of him as oberfeldwebel wearing the flightclasp. Second is a postcard size of Stechbarth in tropical uniform and with a White top Luftwaffe visor cap, also hear wearing the flight clasp and the Pilots badge, also here in the rank of Feldwebel. Three small photos 8 x 6 cm in front of his plane, all in quite bad condition with creazes. Then two photos taken at the same time which are 9 x 6 cm, first with him wearing a leather coat and visorcap, the second wearing the flightblouse included in the Group as well as the medals and the visorcap, here he is in rank of Leutnant. Finally Another 9 x 6 cm photo of him wearing the fliegerblouse in the Group.


- Stechbarths DLRG grundschein. 


- Stechbarths Luftwaffe Soldbuch, denazifyed, second issue book. Soldbuch includes a nice photo of him as Leutnant. It have all the important info written to it as units and Awards.


- Stechbarths Wehrpass, first issue, dated the 25 of February 1937. This one includes a wealth of information about him. All units since 1937, tarining on weapon and educations on airoplanes, promotions, Awards, info about places he fought etc etc.


Here we can also list all Awards Stechbarth received

1. Iron Cross 2´nd class

2. Iron Cross 1´st Class

3. Flightclasp in gold

4. Woundbadge in black

5. Afrika cuffaward

6 Italien Erinnerungsmedal


- Stechbarths flugbuch with all his flights noted from March 1 1940 to the day he was shoot down March 2 1945. Flightbook is in black simulated leather and has his name printed on it. Five years of use have given it some wear and tear. With this comes some loose papers on different missions he made, among them the ones as fighter pilot.


- Stechbarths bordtagebuch, it is in even more used condition the the flight book.


- Different documents, like release from capture and his Death notice from 2012, he sure lived a long Life 94 year.


- Finally we have 4 caps from his time in Bundeswehr, two visorcaps and two sidecaps, some namned to him in his last rank Major.


It is very, very hard to find a more complete Group to a Pilot who flew over 1500 missions and was in air for 5 long years. Dont miss this one!!


Luftwaffe Fighter and Transport Pilot Leutnant Manfred Stechbart

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