NSDAP "Gauleitung" level Political Leaders Visor Cap

NSDAP &quotGauleitung" level Political Leaders Visor Cap

NSDAP "Gauleitung" level Political Leaders Visor Cap.


A 1939 pattern, tan-colored fine ribbed cloth construction visor cap. The cap features a light brown velvet center band piped in white along its upper and lower edges as well as at the top of the visor cap. The dark red piping, as well as the center band color, is indicative of the political "Gauleitung" level. At front the cap have a metal Golden coloured Political eagle as well as wreath/cocade also at front golden bullion chin cord. Cap have a vulcanfibre bill which is laquered in matching brown colour.


The interior of the cap is made of light grey rayon material and the sweat shield remains to 100%. Cap show very little wear and stainings inside. Cap have a tan colored leather sweatband which matching wear to the rest of the cap. Under the sweatband is white oilcloth RZM,  "Reichszeugmeisterei" (National-materiel-control-office), tag which is stamped with the makers code "4" and the sales places number.


Outside cap also shows Little wear and stainings. All in all it must rate in Very Goodlittle used unissued condition!!


Real size is 57-57,5


Hard to upgrade this very nice NSDAP "Gauleitung" visor cap!!




NSDAP "Gauleitung" level Political Leaders Visor Cap

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