Heer Infantry Flakartillery Rgt 52 Oberfeldwebels´s Waffenrock w

Heer Infantry Flakartillery Rgt 52 Oberfeldwebels´s Waffenrock w

Heer Infantry Flakartillery Rgt 52 Oberfeldwebels´s Waffenrock with Shootingcord.


Very rare cicely worn Infantry Flak Artillery Rgt 52 (This type of flakaerillery used the four barrel 2 cm Shell flakgun and was a raised from Machinegun crews). Eight button front Piped Waffenrock. White piping all over. Tunic is made of fine officers quality fieldgrey tricot cloth with smooth darkgreen cloth on collar, with Officers type bullion embrodery over white wool tabs (Also the arm tabs are of the Officers type). The tabs are machinesewn to the collar. Has bullion Waffenrock tresse around collar. Sew in darkgreen shoulder straps are piped in white wool and has bright closed aluminum tresse around each board and a set of "FL" as well as "52" cyphers and finally two silver rank-pip denoting rank of Oberfeldwebel.


At left chest are loops for one Award as well as provision for a screwback Iron Cross 1´st class, above that we have loops for a medium long ribbonbar or a smaller medalbar. At right chest a very nice quality bullion breasteagle is handsewn in place. At right chest there is also a shootingcord which is in nice condition, it is included with the tunic.


Fully lined in green rayon cloth with light yellow cloth in sleeves. Lining show wear and have a couple of stains as well as some very minor and extremly small wear holes, nothing which destracts at all. Inside we also find a unit designation stamped "GeprĂĽft 1./MG.31" which is all correct for this tunic, it is the correct Rgt for the present Flak Artillery unit on shoulderboards.


Tunic show medium wear outside, it have a couple of minor holes located to the lower front they are hardly noticeable though. No larger holes rips or tears though. All in all a Very nice and quite rare Waffenrock.


With tunic also came a medalbar consiting of a 4 resp 14 year DA as well as a screwback Ironcross and a very nice Dressbelt with buckle, these items are sold separately under the following item numbers, AM17234, AM17233 and finally UB17043.


Very nice looking and quite rare waffenrock and lanyard to a well decorated NCO in a very rare unit!!!




Heer Infantry Flakartillery Rgt 52 Oberfeldwebels´s Waffenrock w

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