Heer EM/NCO´s Side Cap

Heer EM/NCO´s Side Cap

Heer EM/NCO´s Side Cap


Field-grey wool/rayon blend construction cap with fold down side and back panels. Metal ventilation grommet to either side just below the crown edge with factory applied fieldgrey paint. The front center of the cap has a machine woven grey national eagle mounted on a cut-out green rayon base handsewn in place. The front center of the fold down panels has a machine woven national tri-color cockade on a woven green rayon diamond shaped base machinesewn in place. There is no soutache or signs of a previous one. It makes perfect sense since the soutache was no longer used as per regulation, 1942.


The interior of the cap is fully lined in ribbed, grey cotton/rayon blend material. The lining is well marked with the manufacturers Company name and location "Opolka & Müller, HAMBURG", the year of manufacture is also stamped "1942" and the size 56. 


The cap is in very good Close to mint condition with just some very light storage dirt and chafe wear.


Don´t miss this cap, impossible to upgrade this one!!


Heer EM/NCO´s Side Cap

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