Heer Artillerie Officers Crusher style Cap, Erel

Heer Artillerie Officers Crusher style Cap, Erel

Heer Artillerie Officers Crusher style Cap, Erel.

This is a Heer Artillery Officers Crusher style cap (Non foldable inside, non foldable peak) made of fine ribbed tricot cloth. At front cap has a Crusher type Bevo flatwire eagle on darkgreen backing as well as a Crusher type Bevo flatwire wreath/cocade also on darkgreen backing. Cap has no chincord and never had one.


Outside the cap show medium wear and cap have slight chafe wear to highlighted positions, it show quite a lot of fading from being exposed in the sun. There are no mendings, larger holes, rips, tears or mothing to cap, just slight even wear all over.


Inside the lining is made from Erels typical light yellow rayon cloth which is having quite heavy staings to it from sweat and hairproducts, sweatshield is partially still there.  Cap still has it´s original brown leather sweatband which is matchingly worn to the rest of the cap and is well stained and a bit dry. On backside there is nothing written. The usuall Erel markings are found to the lining


Caps inside is made of normal paper. Cap has a very nice combat appearance!


Size approx 56 - 57


Would be hard finding a nicer Artillery Crusher style Visor cap!!


Heer Artillerie Officers Crusher style Cap, Erel

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