Heer J├Ąger Rgt Officers M43 Cap

Heer J├Ąger Rgt Officers M43 Cap

Heer J├Ąger Rgt Officers M43 Cap.


Mid/Late war manufactured cap made of lightweight ribbed fieldgrey cloth. At top of the Crown the cap have officers aluminium/silver litz sewn. The litz show wear and oxidation, the rest of the Cap shows use, sunfading and have chafe wear as well as slight dirt/grease all over. Doubble pebbled fieldgrey painted button front style. Bevo Triangular Trapezoid insignia of the EM/NCO┬┤s type machinesewn to the front of the cap. At the left side it have a metal J├Ągers Oakleaf pinned in place, it show wear and is in matching condition to the rest of the cap.


Inside cap is lined in yellow rayon lining which have faint size stamping to it "55". At front we have a partial sweatband which probably at one time was foing all around the inside of the cap but have been worn out or removed by the officer. Inside of cap sjhow Heavy soiling from dirt, sweat and grease. This cap have for sure been well worn and been one of the officers favourite ones. We Think the cap may be of Austrian manufacture.


Real size approx 56.


We found it┬┤s near mint brother for sale at the Ruptured Duck, quite interesting to compare the caps



This is combat worn Officers cap which have seen action for sure!!!


Heer J├Ąger Rgt Officers M43 Cap

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