Heer Erel Artillery Officers Visorcap

Heer Erel Artillery Officers Visorcap

Heer Erel Artillery Officers Visorcap.


Erel Officers visor cap made of fine ribbed cloth material with red wool piping denoting service in Artillery or Assaultgunners branch. Metal Eagle and Bullion wreath/cocade at front as well as Officers heavy aluminium/silver chincord.


Cap is lined in for the period typical light green rayon cloth, which is in near mint condition. 100% of sweat shield remains and the "Offizier Kleiderkasse Berlin" as well as the "Erel Sonderklasse"loggo and the class "Privat" is still readable when cap is tilted, there are also a size marking to lining "8" for 58 and the number of the person manufactured the cap. Cap also has a brown leather typical Erel sweatband with the Erel loggo at the side which is in matchingly Very Good condition.


Cap is in a Very Good, Near Mint Condition, very little worn condition, it have just two small bites at the green capband, except that no damage, no rips or tears, no mothing and no stainings. Cap have a very nice apperance and would look nice in any display.


Real size approx 58 - 58,5


Very nice and hard to upgrade Artillery Officers Erel Visor cap!!


Heer Erel Artillery Officers Visorcap

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