Kriegsmarine Erel Visorcap for Senior Grade Officer (Korvettenka

Kriegsmarine Erel Visorcap for Senior Grade Officer (Korvettenka

Kriegsmarine Erel Visorcap for Senior Grade Officer (Korvettenkapitän to Kapitän zur See).

Mid war manufactured cap. Cap is in very little worn condition and has the KM style senior grade officers bill for Korvettenkapitän to Kapitän zur See. The visor is made of dark blue wool with a row of hand embroidered oak-leaves in bright gilt wire threads near the forward edge (nicely patinated), the underside of the visor is covered with black leatherette and bill have full edge trim. Cap have the typical wide KM dark blue wool top (not removable) with matching celleon eagle and wreath/cocade to the front (nicely patinated). Also at front a KM style chinstrap beeing attached with guilt KM ancor buttons at the side.

Interior is made of a dark blue rayon material and have 100% of the original Erel OKK (Officer Kleider Kasse) sweatshield present naturally also with the Erel mark, it is a bit weak so cap must be a bit tilted to see it perfectly. Lining show little wear and it is mainly the sweatshield which have slight chafe wear and some stains from hairproducts to and under it. Tan colored original Erel marked leather sweatband is in matchingly little worn condition as the rest of the cap, interestingly the cap is so large so one has had to add a piece of Erel sweatband cloth at the end to make it all around the cap. Swetband has the Erel mark at the side nothing written or stamped on backside of sweatband. the caps inner roundell is made of the for the period typical black gauze to better whithstand saltwater then a paperroundell would.

Outside cap have more or less no napwear. There are no holes, rips or tears, just nicely close to unworn condition. Cap have a very nice apperance and is a textbook KM visorcap in every aspect.

Size approx 60-61

This Rare Erel manufactured cap is very hard to upgrade!!



Kriegsmarine Erel Visorcap for Senior Grade Officer (Korvettenka

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