Polizei EM M44 Tunic, unissued

Polizei EM M44 Tunic, unissued

Polizei EM M44 Tunic, unissued.


Late war Polizei EM M44 Tunic in Very Good litle used/unissued  condition. Tunic is made in Polizei blue/grey coloured combat wool. Field blouse features a vertical, six style button, front closure, small fold back lapels and a lay down collar. On backside of collar there is a extra flap and paperbuttons for closure. Blouse has a Bevo Polizei Armeagle at the left arm as well as EM/NCO litzen at collar. At shoulders there are loops and buttons for attachment of shoulderboards. The field blouse has two, unpleated patch, breast pockets with straight, button down, flaps.


Inisde tunic is lined in green partial cotton drill lining. Each breast have a inside pocket with paperbutton closure. Inside we also find two straps for the belthook hangers. Tunic has sizestampings as well as "Po1944" marking inside.


Tunic is in a mint unissued condition and show just storage wear. This one is probably manufactured during 1944 as it still have inside pockets etc.


A mint, very nice Polizei M44 tunic awaiting your shoulderboards!!



Polizei EM M44 Tunic, unissued

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