Waffen SS "Nordland" Division Scharf├╝hrers Fieldgrey Ass

Waffen SS &quotNordland" Division Scharf├╝hrers Fieldgrey Ass

Waffen SS "Nordland" Division Scharf├╝hrers Fieldgrey Assault Gunners Wrap.


Wrapper is made of mid/late war fieldgrey combat cloth, still of fairly good quality. Wrap has red piped shoulder boards for Scharf├╝hrer (full mousegrey tresse) in Assaultgunners branch. Matching SS Runic collar and rank tab with one aluminium pip handsewn in place. There is a Woven SS Armeagle at the upper left sleeve machine sewn in place with zick-zack stitching. Furter down the arm we find a Bevo "Nordland" Division cufftitle also handsewn in place.  At the left chest we find loops for one badge and slight push through marks for another one. An Eastmedal as well as Iron Cross 2┬┤nd class ribbon is hand sewn to the first button hole to the lapel. The Wrapper has all black original bakelite buttons.


The lining is made in for the period matte rayon HBT cloth (The German type). There is a clear size stamp at the upper left chest side of the lining.


There are several stains, dirt and some small medings from wear, it have been very hard to capture with the pictures taken with heavy flash. The whole wrapper is well worn and show napwear all over but mainly at highlighted positions, the insignias show matching wear to each other as well as to the wrapper in whole.


This is in reality a wrap which for sure have "been there" both in wear as well as smell even if it was hard to catch with our pic under flash.


Very rare SS "Nordland" Division Assault Gunners Wrap in a desirable combat used condition!!



Waffen SS "Nordland" Division Scharf├╝hrers Fieldgrey Ass

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