Luftwaffe Hauptmann Hans Stierhof Group (Stalingrad fighter)

Luftwaffe Hauptmann Hans Stierhof Group (Stalingrad fighter)

Luftwaffe Hauptmann Hans Stierhof Group, one of few who escaped Stalingrad.

Hans (Juan) Stierhof was born 1916, He was fighting with Legion Condor in Spain and was awarded with the Spanish Cross in silver, he was during the war placed in several places but was a comander of a Flak battalion in Stalingrad. he was one of few who was flewn out of Stalingrad for his skills in Flak fighting and was after that a teacher at Flak Combat. He was awarded several medals and badges which will be mentioned below, but he got the German Cross in Gold at the 24 of June 1943. Group was bought from Hermann Historica 2015.

The Group consist of the following items

- Stierhofs combat tunic, a four pocket Officers tunic made in fine ribbed LW blue/grey tricot cloth. Tunic has LW thick twisted officers cord around neck. It has Hauptmanns Bullion Collartabs at collar made of red badgecloth with Three bullion gulls inside a open Oakleaf reef. At shoulders we find LW junior officers guilt aluminium top shoulderboards with two guilt pips each and a "5" cypher for Flak Rgt 5. At breast we have a LW Officers bullion eagle which may have been replaced at some time, it is not 100% matching to the other insignias. Tunic has at left breastpocket loops for a long ribbonbar, which also is included and depicts the following medals, Iron Cross 2´nd class, Eastmedal, March as well as oktober medal and two Spanish legion Condor medals. At breastpocket we find loops for 4 medals, Iron Cross 1´st class, LW flak badge, LW Ground Combat badge and finally Woundbadge in black. At right breastpocket we find provisions for two medals, interestingly they are done with saftypins, probably to be stronger then normal loops, looking at them one can see they have been there for ever. Those loops are for the German Cross in Gold as well as for the Spanish Cross in silver. Furthermore with the tunic comes a Officer augilette in very good condition.

Inside the tunic is lined in LW blue/grey rayon clothwhich is in matching condition to the outside. No tailorslabel and no namelabel in tunic.

- Stierhofs Officers breeches made in a bit cruder tricot material, typical officers breecehs in good condition

- Steirhofs German Cross in Gold, Descler Cross, Heavy variant with "1" on the pin, nice worn cross which has some enamel damage to the swastika.

- Stierhofs Spanish Cross with swords in silver, wonderful cross which remains more or less all silvering at front as well as polishd edges and swastikas, also most silver wash on backside. makermarked "4" on the pin for maker Steinhauer & Lück 

- Stierhofs Ironcrosses 1´st class, one is a early vaulted piece which is magnetic center cross with early war pin-Catch set up. The second cross is a unmarked standard Iron Cross 1´st class with magnetic center. 
- Stierhofs Luftwaffe Flakbadges, one is a Zink "W H" marked one and the other is a Zink unmarked piece, both have lost more or less all finish both to obverse and reverse.

- Stierhofs Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badges, one is a nice "G.B." marked one which still remain a lot of finish both on obverse and reverse, the other is a unmarked piece with more or less all finish remaining, but the pin has come loose (not hard to repair really)

- Stierhofs NSDAP medal for 10 years, nice Zink medal which remain more or less all it´s finish, missing ribbon though.

- Stierhofs Medal for 13 of March 1938 (Anschluss medal), nice one in very good condition.

- Stierhofs 1 of Oktober Medal (Sudentenland Medal) in mint condition but without ribbon.

- Stierhofs Woundbadge in black, not makermarked but in very good condition.

- Stierhofs 3 Place medalbar with Iron Cross 2´nd class and the Anschluss medal as well as the Sudenetmedal. Nice well worn medalbar.

- Stierhofs two fourplace ribbonbars.

- Stierhofs most awarddocuments and many other interesting documents of fighting in Stalingrad, history and congratulation messages, all are copies. They are to many to scan here, but is Close toall medals/badges he received.

A very nice and complete Group to a well decorated Stalingrad fighter, don´t miss this one!!!


Luftwaffe Hauptmann Hans Stierhof Group (Stalingrad fighter)

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