Heer Transport EM/NCO┬┤s Visorcap

Heer Transport EM/NCO┬┤s  Visorcap

Heer Transport EM/NCO┬┤s Visorcap.


Late war EM/NCO┬┤s visor cap made of fieldgrey late war boiled wool cloth with light blue wool piping. Piping denots service in Transport/Supply branch. Aluminium eagle and wreath/cocade at front as well as EM/NCO┬┤s black leather chinstrap (here of LW vareity with rounded buckles).


Inside is lined in orange oilcloth material. Sweatshield is still in Place to 99% with an interesting maker on it "Max Lindner, Specialhaus f├╝r Milit├Ąreffekten, Uniform├╝tzen-Fabrik, M├╝nchen, Augustenstrasse 7, Tel 57455". Oilclot and sweatband show slight use and wear and a couple small tears. In the slot for the nametag there is a papertag with the first owners name "Scheifele" then 56 1/2 for size and 75 for ?.


Cap is in a Very Good Little used condition with a very little wear overall. Cap have a very nice crushed apperance!


Size approx 56 1/2 -57 1/2


Cool looking cap! Displayes well!


Heer Transport EM/NCO┬┤s Visorcap

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