Riders Badge in Gold, Lauer

Riders Badge in Gold, Lauer

Riders Badge in Gold, Lauer


Instituted 1930, the Horseman’s Badge was awarded in three classes, Gold for overall excellence in equestrian sports (with approximately 210 awards made), silver for excellence in shows and events (with more than 6,000 awards made), and bronze for horse racing achievements (with more than 61,000 awards made).


Badge made of Tombak with a bright gold color finish. Maker marked by: "L. CHR. Lauer NĂĽrnberg Berlin" and to the opposite side "Gesetzlich GeschĂĽtz" (protected by law). The badge is in very good, almost mint condition and retains virtually all of the gold finish. Intact hinge, pin and catch assembly in perfect working order.


With only about 210 examples made, this can be the best preserved example in the World today...




Riders Badge in Gold, Lauer

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