SA 1st Pattern Sport Badge In Gold, Lauer

SA 1st Pattern Sport Badge In Gold, Lauer

SA 1st Pattern Sport Badge In Gold, Lauer


The SA Sports badge in bronze was instituted by SA-Stabschef Ernst Röhm on November 28th 1933, for award to SA and SS personnel who passed the required criteria in physical fitness, military defence and field exercises. On February 15th 1935, Hitler conferred official national status to the badge and expanded it to include a silver and gold grade. When the badges gained official national status, bestowal was opened to all German nationals who were strongly encouraged to qualify for award of one of the three grades.


Badge made of Tombak with a gold color finish. Maker marked "L. CHR. LAUER, Nürnberg, Berlin" As well as the first pattern inscription "Eigentum D. Chefs D. Ausbildungswesens" (first pattern Issue example which only was issued from March of 1934 until January of 1935!) The badge also has a very low number stamped to the reverse which it should have as it is a 1st pattern gold badge "3047". Hinge, pin and Catch all intact to reverse. The badge is in very good condition with almost all of the gold color wash intact.


Hard to find any SA Sport Badge's in Gold. Even more so to find one in Close to mint condition. Don't miss out on this one!!



SA 1st Pattern Sport Badge In Gold, Lauer

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