Heer Oberfeldw and RK recepient Willi Zimmermann Group

Heer Oberfeldw and RK recepient Willi Zimmermann Group

Heer Oberfeldw and RK recepient Willi Zimmermann Group.


Oberfeldwebel Willi Zimmermann received the Ritterkreutz des Eisernes Kreutz (Knightscross of the Ironcross) the 23 October 1944. He received it for great bravery when he with his unit took a important height from heavy defence by Soviets, he also held the height till reinforcments arrived. For that he received this high award. Before that Zimmermann was already awarded the Iron Cross 1´st and 2´nd class, Infantry assautbadge, Eastmedal, Woundbadge in Gold and finally the Close Combat Clasp in Bronze. The group consist of the following of Willi Zimmermanns items.


- Willi Zimmermanns M42 Combat tunic. Tunic is made of later war captured Italian combat cloth. Tunic have been slightly shortened (2-3 cm) for a nicer look. Six button front tunic, worn as a open collar tunic. At neck full silver/aluminium tresse machinesewn in place as well as a set of einheitzlitzen also machinesewn in place. At shoulders drak green top slip on shoulderboards piped in white wool. Borads have full aluminium/silver tresse sewn around them as well as two aluminium pips on each denoting rank of Oberfeldwebel. At breast we finns a wm woven breaseagleon dark green backing neatly handsewn in place, not through lining though. Above left breast pocket there are push through holes for wearing a Close Combat Clasp as well as a small ribbonbar.  And on the pocket there are sewn ha hole as well as loops for attaching a Screwback Iron Cross 1´st class and furthermore loops for a Infantry Assaultbadge in silver as well as a Woundbadge in Gold.
Inside the tunic is made of grey striped rayon which was commonly seen in garnment made by this periodand of this type of cloth. Tunic still has a four belt hook straps attached as well as the medic pocket. At lining on the left panel we find size markings and on the medic pocket we find a RBN nr.


Tunic show quite little wear both on inside as well as outside and it was not worn many times, it was probably a ”walking out” tunic left home.


It would be hard to upgrade this tunic!


- Willi Zimmermanns Close Combat Clasp in Bronze, late war made one out of Zink. Made by Gavlonz and is the type with the blue backingplate (which have been discussied if it was suppesod to be given Luftwaffe personnel). Claspis vaulted and remains most of the bronze wash on both obverse and reverse, some very small places where the wash have migrated. It would be hard to upgrade this highly sought after model of Combat Clasp.


- Willi Zimmermanns Iron Cross 1´st class of the screwback variant. Magnetic center. Cross remains most of it´s black paint and one can see it has been attached to the tunic forever on backside. Iron Cross is marked L/16 for ”Alois Rettenmaier, Schwabisch-Gmund”. Nice cross of a quite uncomman maker.


- Willi Zimmermanns Infantry Assaultbadge in Silver, Zink made badge which has lost more or less all it´s silver wash both obverse and reverse. Maker marked R.S. for ”Rudolf Souval, Wien”


- Willi Zimmermanns Woundbadge Woundbadge in Gold made in zink. Even this badge ahs lost most of it´s goldwash both on obverse and reverse, badge is makermarked L/22 for ”Boerger & Co, Berlin” which is a quite rare maker of this badge.


- Willi Zimmermanns Iron Cross 2´nd Class, unmarked cross. Magnetic center which remains more or less all it´s black paint. Comes with apiece of original ribbon- Will Zimmermanns Eastmedal made of zink, it lost more or less all of it´s silver and black wash. Makermarked at bandring but hard to read out what it say. Comes with a piece of original ribbon

- Furthermore there is included a Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with pictures of it which are signed on the backside by Willi Zimmermann where he states that this is the Knights Cross he was awarded and was wearing. However, most of the experts today does not accept this Knightscross as a period made one. How can that be, well many times nice collectors have replaced the soldiers well earned medals with copies during the years and the old men did not recognize it, and sometimes the did buy a copy in the 1960´s and have now forgotten they did so and firmly belives it is the cross they where awarded, or it may be accepted as a original in the future, it happened Before, anyhow it comes with the group with 5 photos bearing Willy Zimmermanns signature!


- Willi Zimmermanns soldbuch as issued as a replacemnet one the 19 of Juli 1944 when Zimmermann held the rank of Feldwebel. Soldbuch is a typical Heer issue soldbuch and has on the first page a picture of Zimmermann wearing his awarded knightscross . Under phot we find Zimmermanns signature and the photo as well as the soldbuch is stamped with a unitstamp.


Soldbuch includes all pages And two of them has comes loose at some stage and havet hen been taped back, the tape has dryed and fallen of now.


Soldbuch includes a wealth of information such as, Units, Dogtag inscription, information on when Soldbuch was issued, promotion to Oberfeldwebel, information of relatives, equippment given, the two last hospital stays and what wound he received, paygroup and finally all award hed id receive during the war, all mentioned above. Except for the loose pages the soldbuch is in very good condition and has been retained in a black leatherette soldbuch cover.


- Temporary Ausweiss during the time he was without his soldbuch till the second one was made up. In it he is wearing a nice tunic and a crushed Visorcap really nice photo! Ausweiss in very good condition!


- Award document for the Woundbadge in silver, given to Unteroffizier Willy Zimmermann, 6./Gren-Rgt. 80. Given for the third combat wound he received the 15 of December 1942. Document is signed the 1 of March 1943 and signed by a Hauptmann and Btl komman deur. Document is folded once and has some creazing and wear at edges.


- Award document for the Woundbadge in Gold, given to Uffz Willy Zimmermann, 6./Gren-Rgt. 80. Given for the fifth combat wound he received the 27 of July 1943. Document is signed the 14 of September 1943 and signed by a Doctor. Document is folded twice and has some creazing and wear at edges. With the document also comes a copy of it ”abschrift”.


- Award document for shooting price with MG, received the 1 July 1939. Large nice document  with 4 binder holes and one fold, also some creazes at the edges and chafewear.


- One large framed colorized photo made after the war of Zimmermann wearing all his awards and a nice tunic and visorcap. This one is 35 x 30 cm large and the photo 24 x 18 cm. There is also a postcard size photo of thsi motif.


- There are two original passport size photos of the same motif of Zimmermann as well as the original negative of that photo, negative is for the larger picture rather then the cut passport size ones.

- A Ehren-Cronic Photoalbum of black leatherette and with a Ironcross pictured on the outsiden. Inside we find 100 photos of different size from 6 x 6 cm to postcard size ones, almost all photos are interesting and depicts combat schnes, funerals, deal soldiers, comerades etc etc. Two postcard size nice photos of Zimmermann is there as well a and one of him wearing tie Knightscross. Also a interesting photo where he is in civil cloth wearing awards on his lapel.


- A gift book of scteches from Hans Liska given to Zimmermann during his hospital stay during Christmas 1944. Signed and dedicated by givers. Nice condition of the Liska book.


- Original congratulation telegram from when he received the Knightscross.


- Original Congratulation letter re the receival of the Knightscross from the Oberbereichsleiter der NSDAP in his area. Signed in original, folded several times and with a cut as well.


- Original ”Tahesbefehl” from the day Zimmermann received the Iron Cross 1´st class, folded several times and repared with tape.


- Original newspaper clip from when he received the Knightscross from Monday Novemebr 13, with the full story of the background of him receiving this high award.


- Two letter from his girlfriend7wife from 1946-47, not sure if he was a PoW at thet time.


- A book about the 34. Infanterie-Division during the period of 1939 to 1945, published 1954, book in very good condition.


- Willi Zimmermanns membercard in the ”Ordensgemeinschaft der Ritterkreutzträger e. V” with picture and signatur in very good condition.


- Four member papers from above as well as thre letters and finally some papercopies of newspaper clips.


This is a amazing and very complete group froma very brave young soldier receiving one of the highest awards during World war II.



Heer Oberfeldw and RK recepient Willi Zimmermann Group

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