Major Heinz Oppermanns German Cross In Gold

Major Heinz Oppermanns German Cross In Gold

Major Heinz Oppermanns German Cross In Gold 


Heinz Oppermann started his military career doing RAD service between April 1936 to April 1937, after that he was drafted to the army the 2´nd of November 1937, in 1.Pi.Btl.33 (33 Pioneer Batalion, 1´st company. He stayed on inte the Army and was in the 33 Pioneer Batallion until the war broke out, then he was transfered to Pioneer batalion 72. Oppermann started as a Gefreiter in 1938 and ended the war as a Major from the 1´st of February 1945. His highest award was the german Cross in Gold which he received very early in the war 1941.


This is Heinz Oppermanns acctual awarded German Cross in gold. Very early piece which is made by "Deschler & Sohn, München" and is the 6 riveted vareity. Complete with hinge, pin and Catch to the reverse. The cross is in good used condition with a small damage at the top (acctually rather hard to notice) where a part of the 12 o'clock positioned sunburst have fallen of. Not an easy Cross to find, and it have a load of patina and have really the been there look! No damage to enamel except small scratches.


This cross is not only a DKIG but a rare variant cross from a well known and documented grouping!!


Major Heinz Oppermanns German Cross In Gold

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