Heer Signal Assaultgunner Uffiz Field Grey Wrap

Heer Signal Assaultgunner Uffiz Field Grey Wrap

Heer Signal Assaultgunner Uffiz Field Grey Wrap.
Fieldgrey Assault-gunners Panzer-style wrapper. Made of coarser mid war cloth. Lemon Yellow piped "einheitslitzen" on fieldgrey elongated collartabs.  Tabs are piped lemon yellow rayon denoting service in Signals branch. Fieldgrey wool shoulderstraps piped in lemon yellow rayon have silvered celleon NCOÂīs tresse open att bottom, denoting rank of Uffz in signals branch.  


BEVO EM-grade breasteagle, mousegrey on fieldgrey base is machinesewn to breast, not through lining. Iron cross as well as Eastmedal ribbon in uppermost buttonhole on lapel. Loops for two awards on left breast.
Partial grey drill lining has size markings and in the right side inner pocket a RBNr is stamped.
Wrap shows medium wear and have napwear all over but mainly on highlighted positions. It also have a dirt and grease both inside and outside, it smells like it have been inside a Panzer. Except for the wear and dirt it have no special rips, tears or holes, just honest combat wear. All original buttons are present.
All Assaultgunners wrapers are rare but a worn one for Signals branch even more so!! 


Heer Signal Assaultgunner Uffiz Field Grey Wrap

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