Luftwaffe Flight Haubtgefreiter's Insignia Set

Luftwaffe Flight Haubtgefreiter\'s Insignia Set

Luftwaffe Flight Haubtgefreiter's Insignia Set



This is a perfectly matching tunic removed insignia set to a Haubtgefreiter. The set concists of following items:


- Luftwaffe blue/grey wool construction slip on shoulder straps with waffle patterned NCO’s tress all around the edges with yellow rayon waffenfarbe piping and three alloy rank pips. The straps also comes with shoulder board buttons with matching wear.


* Yellow construction collar tabs with four stamped alloy rank "gulls" with a narrow strip of bright silver/aluminum waffle pattern NCO’s tress machine stitched to the lower side and the forward edge. The collar tabs are mounted on a tan buckram backings.


* Early machine embroidered Luftwaffe national breast eagle on blue/grey cloth.


All insignias is removed from a tunic and shows even period wear.


Scarce rank and very hard to find a totally matching insignia set like this!!




Luftwaffe Flight Haubtgefreiter's Insignia Set

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