Japanese WWII Late War Issue Katana

Japanese WWII Late War Issue Katana

Japanese WWII Late War Issue Katana.


Late war Japanese NCO Samurai sword/katana, the sword is in Very Good used condition comes complete with an orginal black painted scabbard. 


Serial number "212753" on sword and scabbard is matching. There is also a small factory stamp to the blade. The "Tsuka" is all blackened metal. There is also a halfmoon etched, the halfmoon is the symbol for "landing forces" which was elite Japanese units.


The non wrapped Wood sword handle does not come apart from the the blade. The Tsuba is nice and still have most of it´s original paint to it. Handle made of Wood with "fishnet" cut pattern as seen on late war issue swords. 


The blade have the matching numbers stamped to it. Blade show minor runners, wears and schratching. The blade must rate as very good condition and is lightly sharpened.


Total lenght of sword/katana and scabbard is about 100cm, lenght of blade is about 70cm.


Very Nice solid late war katana which would not be so easy to upgrade!!



Japanese WWII Late War Issue Katana

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