Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Oberleautnant's Fliegerbluse

Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Oberleautnant\'s Fliegerbluse

Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Oberleautnant's Fliegerbluse 


Luftwaffe, Hermann Göring field division "Fliegerbluse" style issue tunic. Five buttons front closure. Interesting to see all the buttons is of slightly different types. All looks however war time applied but replaced during the period. Tunic is made of blue/grey Luftwaffe cloth. 


Hans sewn to the collar is a pair of Luftwaffe collar tabs. White wool with silver/aluminum embroidered eagles and oak leaves. Arround the collar tabs as well as the collar is silver/aluminum rank cord hand sewn in Place. To each shoulder is a shoulder strap on White wool underlay with one gold colored rank pip to each. 

Above the right breast pocket we find a machine embroidered em/nco's style breast eagle handsewn in place. The tunic once had a machine sewn breast eagle. So this breast eagle is a replacement. Probably done by a collector/dealer post WWII. However the eagle match the tunic very well and can possibly be the original one which was restitched. Still impossible to tell.


Tunic has two set of loops badges on the left breast. And loops above the pocket for a ribbon bar. The two place ribbon bar camed with the tunic and is included in the sale. To the lower right sleeve is a "Hermann Göring" cuff title neatly hand sewn in Place. The cuff title is shortened and not sewn all arround the sleeve. This is an interesting feature we have observed on war time original Luftwaffe tunics before.


Tunic is lined in gray rayon cloth. It shows stains and a couple of minor wear holes. To the inside breast pocket is a LBA stamp with year of manufacture, "42". The rest is very hard to read.


This example shows Heavy wear all over. Extensive napwear, especially to highlighted positions, a couple of mendings as well as stains. All insignias match the tunic perfectly and is in our opinion war time sewn (besides the earlier mentioned breast eagle). 


Don´t miss this one as it will take time till you see another for sale!!




Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Oberleautnant's Fliegerbluse

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