Heer EM/NCO's M43 Field Cap

Heer EM/NCO\'s M43 Field Cap

Heer EM/NCO's M43 Field Cap


Field-grey combat cloth body, typical mid/late war cloth. With combined eagle/cockade trapezoid sewn to the front of the cap. The trapezoid insignia is machine sewn in straight line with the top part folded down. Also to front is two grey metal buttons for front closure. The interior is lined with standard war time grey rayon cloth. Old markings is almost completely faded from use and wear. Hard to capture the minor signs of the stamps, but we can make out a "5...." as well as shades from a RBNR. The cap size is about 56,5 - 57.


The cap is in medium used condition. With napwear all over but mostly at highlighted positions. All exposed parts also show color fading, signs of use and minor soiling. The cap have a overall very nice well worn feeling to it.
Inside rayon lining show wear, color fading (especially to the pressure Points when the cap was used).



This cap is correct construction in every aspect with correct inner reinforcement, pull straps etc etc. Cap have a very nice shape as well.


You cant go wrong with this combat vet!!


Heer EM/NCO's M43 Field Cap

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