M43 Field Tunic 23rd SS Panzer Grenadier Division Nederland

M43 Field Tunic 23rd SS Panzer Grenadier Division Nederland

M43 Field Tunic 23rd SS Panzer Grenadier Division "Nederland"


Late war manufactured Issue M43 field tunic. Made of typicall low quality late war fieldgrey cloth. Five button front closure, with some of the field grey paint left. All buttons match perfectly and looks period applied. Four patchstyle unpleated pockets with rectangular flaps. The pockets is made of a slight different color batch of same type field-grey cloth which is rather common to see on late war manufactured SS tunics.


Two sewn holes for each belt support hook, correct for SS issue type M-43 tunics, with the correct type of belthook hole sewing.

Insignia consists of slip-on shoulder straps piped in golden yellow rayon for cavallery or Panzer recon. Dachau type "wolfsangel" right side collar tab and rank tab with one rank stripe denoting rank of Sturmmann. Both collar tabs are machine sewn to the collar. RZM EM/NCO's sleeve eagle is machine sewn to the upper left sleeve. Below the eagle is a machine wowen Nederland national arm shield hand sewn in Place further down we find a rank chevron handsewn to tunic. There is also a clear "ghost" shade from a cuff title.


The tunic is lined with several different types of Grey/silver colored HBT drill cloth. The use of different types of lining is also Another indication this is a late war produced one. Very faint "SS BW" stamp hardly visable to the right side (viewers left) which are impossible to Catch on a photograph. Size markings completely washed away. Internal straps for belt support hooks have the correct 4 holes.


The tunic is in good used condition with Heavy nap wear to all exposed parts. The tunic has probably been cleaned along time ago. Lining shows signs of use with a couple of wear holes as well as stains and minor discoloration.


The tunic has a shade from a former sleeve eagle and the wolfsangel collar tab to. This tunic is in our opinion completely restored. Still the restoration is very well made with correct threads, sewing techniques and most important original insignias. All match very well together and the restoration work is professionally done.


Very hard to find any SS tunic, this one also displays extemely nice with the new set of insignias. Only thing missing for a killer display is the cuff title!!




M43 Field Tunic 23rd SS Panzer Grenadier Division Nederland

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